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Monday, November 24, 2014

FIRST LOOK: Rare, First Footage of the Sea Devil, or Deep Sea Angler Fish!

Have You Seen the Notorious Deep Sea Angler Fish, or the Sea Devil? Probably Not!

Finally, footage has been released of this curious creature. We have all seen them portrayed online, in stories, in children's movies, and all of them are usually put into a terrifying light. Naturally, they are scary looking creatures. I mean, look at the TEETH on this thing! I still find them fairly fascinating, as most others do as well. While this may not be a pet, it is still a pretty crazy looking animal, and I had to share this new footage. Wikipedia has lots of interesting facts about this fish just in case this post doesn't satisfy your curiosity. Let's continue on! You will find the video attached at the bottom of this post, in case you are impatient!

What Is An Angler Fish and Where Do They Live?

An Angler Fish is a carnivorous, deep sea fish with a very interesting anatomy; it has a "fishing lure" on top of its head. It uses this lure to bring prey towards its jaws. This lure lights up, hypnotizing the other fish who lurk in the dark depths of the world's oceans. There is no light this far down (the Angler Fish lives at a depth of a mile under sea level. Can you IMAGINE the pressure? The eternal darkness? These fish flourish at those depths, and can reach over three feet in size. While that doesn't seem very big, we must remember just how much pressure they would have on them. This depth is enough to crush a steel submarine. You can find more information about the Angler Fish on the National Geographic site, or on Wikipedia! I will tell you guys that these fish really are wondrous creatures, even down to their breeding techniques. In some species, the male bites onto the female, their skin fuses, and he becomes a parasitic host until she is ready to produce offspring! Thought that was one more fact deemed share worthy. Either way, I hope you guys enjoy the video!


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Video: Adorable Ninja Kitten Fights Statue- All While Melting Your Heart!

How cute is this little ninja cat? He's quick, he's aggressive, and he's just so stinkin' cute! I just love the way he's treating the statue like it is his worst enemy; or perhaps he was just bored and thought it would make for a fun play date? 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Are the Animals Really Fleeing An Imminent Supervolcano Eruption?

A beautiful geyser in Yellowstone National Park;
not a volcano. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Photo Courtesy of Mike Borgreen / USFWS

In the video that is going viral across Facebook and many other platforms, bison are seen fleeing from Yellowstone Park. The claim is that the bison are fleeing from the park before a super volcano erupts, wiping them out; is this true????

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

2014 Flu Shots for Your Doggy? How Do I Know If My Dog Has Canine Influenza (Flu)?

Discovery of Canine Influenza  

Believe it or not, it seems that doggies are getting the flu too. Therefore, you may have to start getting your dog a flu shot too.

According to National Geographic, the strain of flu that dogs get (canine influenza) has actually just recently came about (in the last few years). It is a newly mutated virus that is believed to have evolved from a strain of influenza which affects horses. Now that it has mutated and jumped the species barrier, dogs are going to be at high risk for this illness.

How do you feel about this? If dog flu shots become as prevalent as the human flu shot, are you going to be investing in flu shots for your furry kids as well as soon as they are available? Or are you going to wait until you can decide for yourself whether they are safe for your pet or not?

Symptoms of Dog Influenza: How Do I Know if My Dog Has the Flu (Canine Influenza)?

If your dog seems to be becoming ill, it is not completely impossible that he or she may have contracted canine influenza. Just like people, puppies, elderly dogs, and canines with existing health issues are going to be more at risk when it comes to influenza outbreaks. Therefore, it is important to see the signs of illness and turn them around before it becomes too late. Here are the symptoms of dog influenza:

  1. Coughing and hacking often
  2. Becoming lethargic or fatigued
  3. Discharge of the nose

What Could Happen After Infection?

As you know, complications could occur if illness isn't taken care of promptly. Humans and dogs alike can develop pneumonia if they become infected with the flu. This complication can become deadly very quickly- so be sure to keep an eye out for this complication if you or your doggy come down with the flu. 

How Can I Prevent My Dog from Catching Canine Influenza?

If your dog spends most of its time in isolation from other's pets, then there might not be much for you to worry about. However, it is still possible the dog flu can be transmitted to them- especially if you play with other dogs throughout the day and carry the virus on your hands. These situations and potentially contagious places may signal the need for a canine influenza shot:
  • Doggy Daycare
  • Dog Boarding
  • Dog/Pet Sitting in Your Own Home
  • Dog Parks
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Walking Dogs Who Live in Separate Homes Together
  • Getting a New Dog
  • Coming Into Contact with an Infected Dog (Then Passing Germs to Your Dog)
  • Spending Time at a Shelter (Such as When They Run Away & Get Caught)
  • Working Around Strange Dogs

Should I Get My Dog A Canine Influenza Vaccination Shot? Will It Help to Vaccinate My Dogs?

Yes! Vaccinating your dogs can be a huge help if any of the above bullet points applies to you or your family. Since the canine flu vaccine will work on your dog just as the human vaccine works on humans, it will help your doggy to become immune to the dog influenza virus. This will prevent future infection and keep your dogs safe, healthy, and happy, rather than sickly and miserable should they come into contact with the influenza bug.

Sea Eagle Steals Video Camera, Flies Over 60 Miles- Check Out the Footage of an Australian Bird's Eye View!

Sea Eagles are curious creatures, and it makes
sense as to why one stole a camera and took
it on a flight for a bird's eye view in the
Australian wilderness.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Keeping Strong 12 Years Later

It has now been 12 long years since 9-11-2001; but it does not actually feel like it has been that long. Even though I was merely 12 years old when this happened, I understood. I knew just how big of a tragedy it was. I remember sitting in school, as teachers objected to schooling us kids; and rather show us the graphic and gruesome reality that would later be determined a terrorist attack. Yes, parents were outraged; However, I will forever be glad that our teachers stuck to their guns, knowing we should see it. Do you remember exactly where you were, and what you were doing, on this fateful day?

  The tragedy will never fade, nor will I begin to forget. Here is my tribute, and I hope that you guys enjoy this art. The attack symbolizes strength within us Americans, as we come together stronger than ever during times of need. For those of you who are not Americans, we will never forget the encouragement and friendship that such incredible international friends provide; There was an outpouring of love and heartbreak from around the world, showing that faith in humanity has not yet been lost. Naive or not, I hope that one day the majority of people across the world will be able to get along and give this world a little more of what it needs- peace and love!

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