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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Animal Geek's Information Utopia!

**Did You Know? Two dogs survived the sinking of the Titanic in April, 1912.**

        Welcome back! This post is going to be full of fun facts, training tips, interesting links, and fun recipe ideas! So let's get started....
**Did you know? 90% of a puppy's first week is spent sleeping.**

        Have cat litter training problems? There's a few simple fixes that can help to get your kitty into the proper potty spot. Use basic, all natural litters- That don't have added scents, chemicals, or other additives. They may actually be deterred and disgusted by the things in supposed "top quality" litter. When your cat decides to potty in an inappropriate spot, don't assume that just because you can't see or smell it after cleaning, that the cat can't! They can pick up scents that we can't, and they habitually potty where there is odor of urine or feces. Use a top rated pet odor/urine eliminating cleaner to get rid of the smell.  If your cat is pottying in a place other than the litter box, deny access to that area. ALSO: a cat who suddenly stops using the litter box can also signal underlying health problems. He or she may not be feeling well. Keep a close eye on him/her, and follow with a vet if it becomes necessary!

**Did you know? Horses produce around 10 GALLONS of saliva (spit) per day!**

         How about some yummy recipes?? Here's one for a cat, followed by one for a dog! :) Here we have Chicken Crunchies for kitties, and Fruity Frozen Yogurt Treats for all those puppies! Awww, why not one for the horses? Maybe your horse will like the Tasty Pony Boppers???

** Did you know? Cats wag their tails during times of internal conflict. It means your kitty can't make up his or her mind!**

       Apparently, dogs can detect lung cancer in their owners- How intriguing is that? Dogs are capable of detecting early stages of lung cancer, before most doctors can. There are over 500,000 deaths from lung cancer each year, and mortality is so high because earlier stages are difficult to catch. The dogs who have been trained to sniff out volatile organic compounds attributed to lung cancer, have shown an astounding 93% success rate. Hmm, maybe we need to recruit some dog docs! If you would like to read the whole story, I have supplied the link Here.

 ** Did you know? Rats can make a laughter like noise when tickled; However, it cannot be heard by the human ear alone! Rats communicate on a frequency that we cannot hear.**

     Does your dog bark too much? There are a couple of ways to begin fixing this problem. Dogs sometimes bark out of boredom or loneliness. Does he have a friend? Does he get enough attention? Does he have toys to play with, and a place to run & exercise? If so, then you should reward them everytime you manage to get them to stop barking. When they know that the barking makes you unhappy, they understand that they should only bark when necessary. Sometimes, dogs just don't want to listen. Anti-bark collars can be very uselful for this, and show the most promise. They set off either a stimulus or scent that is uncomfortable to a dog while barking- this will eventually cause your dog to quit barking as much permanently, even after you stow away the collar for good. It doesn't harm them, and is much more humane AND cheaper than having vocal cords cut! If you didnt know, people commonly cut their dogs vocal cords- which is NOT advisable if your dog is also your home's security system.

**Did you know? There have once been NINE yolks found in a single chicken's egg!**

       Thank you for stopping by to read this entry- please leave comments and recommendations! I'd like to know how helpful/interesting this entry was. I will continue to post entries like this, along with specialty entries!


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