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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Top Ten Most Unusual Exotic Pets

Heres a list of some common, yet exotic or unusual, household pets. I thought this would be interesting for most of you! I always love these kinds of random informational posts. Enjoy :)

Piranhas: These fish are considered very interesting, in that they will devour a live bleeding organism, or fresh meat. It is quite interesting to watch them eat- and this is one reason they are common fish in hobbyist collections.

Tarantulas: Creepy, right? Well, tarantulas are quite fascinating. Even though they are arachnids, they are a pleasure to keep. Lots of people have a passion for spiders, especially these larger specimens. And it is also fun to scare your friends, or that one annoying family member that just WON'T leave ;)

Wallaby: These guys are so awesome! They look like miniature kangaroos, and are very affectionate pets. They are, however, very mischievous and playful.

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach: Like the tarantula, these are probably quite creepy and undesirable to most. But you must admit, their size and hiss is awesome! These roaches are harmless and don't bite, but can grow to three inches long!

Skunks: Skunks are very smart and fun animals, but most worry about how stinky they are! In fact, you can have a skunk descented, much like you would a ferret. Skunks make awesome pets, but you shouldn't just adopt an orphaned or wild skunk- there are many people who have PET lines that they breed, that have been domesticated for generations.

Sugar Gliders: Without a doubt, one of the CUTEST exotic pets! These guys are small marsupials, and have become quite common as pets.

Pac Man Frog: You can find these in most pet shops. They are a rather round species of frog, with a NOTORIOUS appetite. They will try and eat anything they can get ahold of. These are good for ornamental pets with low maintenance.

Hermit Crab: Who hasn't owned a hermit crab? Now, getting pinched is no fun. But, they are cool to watch, and hold if you do not make the crab feel endangered. They look very interesting, and are also fun to race!

Potbellied Pigs: This pig has also become a common exotic pet. They are able to be housetrained, and are highly intelligent. They are cute in their own little way, and can make for an amazing and affectionate pet.

Stick Insects: One of the favored insects to keep as a pet by kids! This is a VERY intriguing insect, and they will awe your children. Of course, you would want to release the insect after a few days, but kids LOVE these guys!

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