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Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Treat For The MPMETM Community :)

Good Day to all!!!! I thought I would give yall an interesting little blog post :) some cute pix, some awesome facts.... Comment on this post if you would like, and tell me what else you would like to see! There is a random picture every now and then, so enjoy the laughs! And please copy and post this link to your facebook profile if you find it interesting/funny! That way, your friends can see it and have a laugh!
Did you know only 65% of pet owners see their pets as a part of their family?

Did you know horses and rabbits cannot vomit?

Did you know dogs only sweat through their paws?

Did you know rabbits will eat their own poop at night to help digest food? A rabbit can lose a significant amount of weight if they don't. Up to 10%!!

Did you know that dogs can sneeze backwards? Instead of blowing air out, they can suck it in. Sounds like it would hurt!

Did you know rabbits can get hairballs? They just can't throw them up like cats do.

Did you know that there are MORE bat species, than any other mammalian species put together? Thats a lot of bats!!

Did you know that desert tortoises can have different colored eyes like humans do? 

Did you know that llamas can hum??

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