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Monday, September 12, 2011

2011 Unique Halloween Costume Ideas For Pets!

Here's some unique Halloween costume ideas for your pet to rock in 2011! Dressing up our pets is such a cute idea, but we must remember NOT to make our pets uncomfortable. IF the pet truly does not like wearing costumes, we should try to avoid them. Some absolutely love dressing up, so why not let them?? You can click on the picture to see if the cute unique pet costume comes in your pets size, but not all of the photos are linked. If not, a quick search will help you to find them! I LOVEEEEEE dressing up my pets on halloween, and saw some cute pet costume ideas. So I thought I would share them!!! Here they are!

How about an adorable Monkey?

Or a Skunk! This might just scare the neighborhood kids when they see the puppy coming haha!

We can't deny that piggy costumes are adorable period- so why not one for our dogs?

If your dog has spent some time being bad, a Devil's costume might just be appropriate.

The eyes on this costume might be a bit overbearing, but a Prince Frog costume has its perks! Maybe your pooch will get a few kisses from the block's lady dogs!

Arg! Dog Pirates! I LOVE pirate costumes. Seeing anything dressed up like a pirate simply tickles me! Honestly, I think it's awesome to see an entire family and their dogs dressed up like pirate's for Halloween.

SUPER MUTT! Since, they can't exactly be Super Man! :)

Here's another classic costume for pups. Firehouse dog! This cute little get up makes your dog the fire chief for the night- all he'll need is a photo beside a fire truck or a fireman, and the family Halloween photo is golden!

Who knew dressing a dog up like a vegetable could be SO unbelievably adorable!!!
I love this sweet pea idea so much- and it's a play on words! What a wise little costume for a dog!

Its... Dogzilla! So this costume may not be very terrifying, but it certainly is fun and upbeat. While Godzilla may have been much, much bigger, your Dogzilla can still tackle you with kisses!

Another great classic halloween costume gone dog- Clowns! If it were me, I'd keep the clown costume more on the friendly side, rather than the creepy or terrifying side. Demonic clowns are one thing- but a demonic clown dog? I think I'd turn the other direction and run!

If the devil dog costume idea seems a bit worn out and old, try the jailbird approach! It's still a cute idea for naughty dogs, but it is not as overused as the devil costume!

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