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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Some Great Gift Ideas

            Good Day everyone! Christmas is coming soon, so I am listing a bunch of great gift ideas. If you like these ideas, I will be updating the fan page with this post again on Black Friday (November 25th), that way you can again view these ideas. I want to make sure everyone finds a great gift for someone special, and all of these gifts are animal related. I'm beginning with great gifts for mothers and grandmothers, as these family members are usually the most difficult to find gifts for during the holidays. Please enjoy this post, and I hope it helps you!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Animal Fun For The Kids! Free Games, Resources, Coloring, And More!

This post is for the kids and young'ns! Even the older fans may enjoy them! I'm going to list a few different resources for you fans to use for your kids, or to enjoy yourselves. Animal fun from across the internet :)

From Me To You!

10 Reasons It's Great To Be A Dog (Here's A Laugh!)

10 Reasons Why It's Great to be a Dog

  1. If it itches, you can reach it. And no matter where it itches, no one will be offended if you scratch it in public.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pet Supplies- The Necessities & Luxury PART I

    When it comes to owning a pet, there are some things people forget! This is not a complete list, I will add on to this blog!
     Pet ID tags are very commonly forgotten. Pet ID tags help to ensure that your pet can be returned if lost. If your dog or cat does not have a pet id tag, they very well may never be able to find their way home. Pet ID tags are highly customizable, so you may choose to have an ordinary bone shaped pet id tag, or a cute pink heart shaped one.
       Another, is something to keep your pet from getting away from home- a wireless pet fence. A wireless pet fence is easier to install than most, and are getting cheaper and cheaper. It also keeps your backyard open, as the only one who is affected by the wireless fence is the pet. A wireless fence usually works with a specialized collar, that keeps the animal from escaping the wireless fence. A wireless fence is a wonderful choice at a temporary home.
        Pet Life Insurance! Pet life insurance works similar to ours. Along with pet health insurance. Pet health insurance helps to protect your pet, so that if they might get sick or injured, the pet health insurance helps to foot the veterinary bill. Pet life insurance will help you to bury your pet, if something should take them from you. As pets age, they need more and more medical care. This makes pet health insurance MORE than worth it. Even though you pay a monthly fee, you don't have to worry with a $3,000 vet bill all of a sudden, if something should happen.
      Dog training schools are also a perfect start for first time puppy owners. Often times they do not know how to train their puppy and may go about it wrong. Saving up money for one of the many dog training schools out there will help you to instill obedience in your puppy. Dog training schools not only teach your puppy- they teach you how to train them. ANY dog owner will benefit from all of those dog training schools out there.
     Cat hairball remedy is a very important medicine for cat owners to keep on hand. Cat hairball remedy helps to heal your kitty of hairballs, and you wil be glad you got it. When a kitty gets hairballs, they will run around the house leaving little piles of vomit and fur. Sometimes, the cat hairball remedy does not work instantly... it takes a couple days worth of treatment. But as long as you give this to your cats, you should be able to avoid the surprise puddles they leave on your floor or carpet. Also, cat hairball remedy keeps the digestive track clean and in working order, so it's very beneficial to the digestion of food.
      Cats scratching posts are also very important for cats. Your kitty needs to shave down his or her claws, in a designated area. Cats scratching posts keep them from scratching on your furniture. If you value the life of your furniture, carpet, doorways, and anything else they can claw, then your cats scratching post will keep their attention. If you have catnip, keep some around the scratching post to keep their attention on it.
       If you have a horse you love to ride, horse joint supplements may become of major interest to you. Horses need these joint supplements, as they are such large animals... Their joints are subjected to lots of pressure and work, which can mean bad joint health as they age. Horse joint supplements help to protect joints and keep them healthy. In the long run, this will minimize the risk of foundering or lameness. Horse joint supplements might just save you a lot of money in veterinary bills as your horse ages. Horse joint supplements are not too expensive, so you will be spending your money on a very good supply. 
     Pet sitters and dog walkers are also a VERY important part of having animals. Even though pet sitters do not seem like a necessity, they are! If you go on vacation, or have an emergency where you cant care for your animals, you are going to need pet sitters. You should always plan ahead and research pet sitters in your area, and choose one who you like the most, and can trust with your pets. This way, if something happens, that person can be notified quickly and easily. This eliminates having to search for pet sitters at the last minute. Dog walkers are also highly important, that is, if you don't walk your dog. Dog walkers are fairly easy to find, especially in cities. If you and your dog live in an apartment and you never can find the time to walk your dog, dog walkers will take up the chore for a small fee. Dog walkers also tend to be people who truly have a love for animals, including college students, teenagers, and single moms who need a little extra money. Often times, dog walkers are very cheap and can be found very close to your home.

   Thank you for stopping by to read, and i hope you enjoy my blog. Keep us updated on what YOU want to read about!

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