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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Animal Fun For The Kids! Free Games, Resources, Coloring, And More!

This post is for the kids and young'ns! Even the older fans may enjoy them! I'm going to list a few different resources for you fans to use for your kids, or to enjoy yourselves. Animal fun from across the internet :)


Mutt Maker: Create your own breed of dog.

Ginger's Hidden Adventure Game: Help the kitty find her litter box.

Pet Spa Challenge:

Fishy Game: Eat the tiny fish

Flight Of The Hamsters:

Dr Daisy Pet Vet: Help the animals!

Tom & Jerry Bowling:


ShowBiz Animals Quiz: Do you know these show animals?

Pet Picker Quiz: Which pet should you have?

Weird & Wild Animals


General Animal Coloring Pages

Animal Coloring For Kids 7 & Under

Crayola Animal Coloring Pages



Another Set Of Puzzles:

And the random last link.... Animal Pair Pictures!

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