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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Some Great Gift Ideas

            Good Day everyone! Christmas is coming soon, so I am listing a bunch of great gift ideas. If you like these ideas, I will be updating the fan page with this post again on Black Friday (November 25th), that way you can again view these ideas. I want to make sure everyone finds a great gift for someone special, and all of these gifts are animal related. I'm beginning with great gifts for mothers and grandmothers, as these family members are usually the most difficult to find gifts for during the holidays. Please enjoy this post, and I hope it helps you!

           First off, is this cool animal shaped muffin pan. This can be useful for mothers who have young children. They also have a really cool barn animal pancake pan, and zoo animal pan, as shown below also. The last two are a pair of woodpecker kitchen scissors, and a toucan can opener. They are so cute!!!

One thing women love is jewelry. Here, i'm going to post some great animal jewelry options, with the prices listed for each. This will give you an idea of how much they will run, and I will be posting some lower priced jewelry too. Everyone knows that jewelry tends to be a good place to turn to for women, so of course I have to highlight that! First is the cute panda crystal ring- this is great for teenagers. If you do not know what to get for your daughter, chunky decorative rings are in style. If she loves rings, then you will be getting her a great gift. The paw print belly ring is really adorable, so i thought I would add that, too. Next is the dolphin yin & yang necklace, I thought this was very beautiful too. If you have a young girl to buy a present for, this dolphin necklace is perfect. It has a good price, and has an adorable case with it. Lastly is a kitty cat charm bracelet, that has a magnetic clasp. If they love kitties, this will definitely work. It would be more idealistic for women, but may be great for girls too.

Now, we will move on to the men in our lives! Guys tend to like more fierce jewelry, so I'm going to list some of those examples. If your guy likes earrings and gecko, check out the first item! I thought these were pretty awesome, not too expensive either. Then there is a really cool dragon pendant necklace. The wrap around cobra ring is really powerful, and would make for a great gift for a man or teenager. I couldn't help my humor on the 4th one- "When Pigs Fly" neck tie. The last one is my favorite- A Dragon dagger set. Guys love knives- Just like women love jewelry.

I will add even more soon, I decided I should split up the teenagers/adults, and the kids. I found sooo many cute children's gifts, so I will be posting those soon!

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