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Monday, December 26, 2011

The Latest Scoop- SUPPORTERS- Be Sure To Read!!

     I just can't get Facebook Notes to work on the page. Ah! Facebook's failures can get a little annoying at times. So, here we go!

  FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS:   I have been doing some thinking, and the first thing I thought of: A NEW CONTEST! This time, it will revolve around our LOVE for animals, not so much the animals themselves. How-so? I'm thinking a short story or poetry contest! I'd prefer to start a poetry contest first, then move on to the short story contest. All semi-Finalist Poetry entries will be posted to our blog, and every short story will also be included on the blog. Now, I will of course add a second post with requirements for each. If you would like to begin writing now, here are some basic criteria:

*Short stories should be 500-2,000 words in length, with a maximum of 10,000.

*Poetry should consist of 10 lines or more, and Haikus and other short poems are also welcome. These may not essentially win, but your creativity can earn a spotlight!

*The concept of these writings MUST be based on pets, one's love for animals, animals in general... We have to stick to our main theme :)

***ALSO: I may eventually have these published into a book- A series for our community. Now, this is in the air, but I think if our collection is large enough, it deserves to be bound and placed on a bookshelf for reading by a cozy fire, and for kindergarten teachers to read to their students. Hmmm, maybe donate some books to some kindergarten teachers?? Or perhaps to libraries that read to their young visitors? It could always be a good idea to turn the easier to understand poems into a kid-friendly version :) We will discuss this in detail later, but if you think it's a cool idea, definitely let me know!

SECOND ORDER: I would like to let everyone know about a new proposed feature on Facebook. Facebook plans to implement a private messaging feature for pages- allowing all of you guys to contact me directly. If for ANY reason you would like to contact me, all you have to do is comment on a post, asking me to message you :) If I don't, do it again! Chances are I simply didn't see it. If you request, I will contact you! This new feature (if implemented) will make it so much easier for us to contact privately. It will also make it easier to ask direct questions, where I won't miss them. I'm excited for this feature!

THIRD ORDER: I thought I would share one other bit of news with you guys: I'm writing an E-Book for our community. It is planned out, and I'm in the beginning chapters. The basis of this E-Book is Animals & Children- I plan to cover a lot of material, from choosing the right pet, corresponding ages for those pets, how to keep your kids actively taking care of them, enticing and instilling responsibility with pets, and activities and other things that your kids (and even adults will enjoy these activities/crafts!) can do with your pets. This book's main purpose is to better the bonding between humans and pets through understanding, with a focus on children and how to maintain their sense of responsibility (we all know how children will forget about and get bored with pets). I will also include printable games & materials, so that your children can use them over and over again. This E-Book may also make a great gift, so I'm thinking of putting it on disc and physically shipping it via mail. What do you guys think? Feedback is always important to me! I plan to have this EBook ready to roll out in 12 Weeks, so I will do a little more planning when it is closer to being done :) Planning for 60 solid pages of text, so it will probably result in a 100+ page EBook. (with tables, and photos, and what not).

FOURTH ORDER: I'm wondering if anyone is also willing to recruit for our community, and help us to grow. If you are, I greatly appreciate all shout outs to our page! If you love our community and do want to share us, you can share our link on facebook telling your friends to join, sharing our link on bookmarking sites, other social networking sites, and you can even post ads with your local craigslist website about us. I have been actively paying for promotion, so we can accomplish big things in the future! However, it does get a little pricey. So every new fan that comes because of your efforts, I truly appreciate! I know these are free, easy ways to promote our group, but I am not able to do this by myself- It requires quite a lot of money. If a handful of fans posted a recommendation or two about our page to places like craigslist or Kijiji, it's quick, easy, and a MASSIVE help! I've been paying too much for advertising- But I absolutely LOVE our group, and I believe it deserves to be heard by the masses! Hopefully, you believe this too- and we can see a jump in awareness for our page, and our cause!

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