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Monday, December 5, 2011

My Review Of The Beginners Guide To Keeping Freshwater Puffers

            Like many of you, I've never owned a Puffer Fish myself. However, I've always thought they were one of the coolest fish in the pet store. I always stopped at the tank to watch them- With their bright coloration and incredible eyes, they always intrigued me.
            I was asked by a nice lady here in our community to read her new E-Book, (The Beginner's Guide To Keeping Freshwater Puffers) and post a review to our blog. Even though we may not have too many puffer owners, this is for those who do! I will be honest- Most ebooks are nearly worthless, or pose very little information. However, this is one of the best pet E-Books I have seen yet. My reasons are: Advanced research over the specimen in question (Which would be different species of freshwater puffers), well rounded text that is easy to understand and VERY interesting (she really knows how to keep your attention), plenty of photos to help illustrate the many points made, and she even covers little known facts, illnesses, tips, and tricks regarding the care of freshwater puffers. As previously stated, I don't own puffers- and I can safely say that this E-Book has taught me so much about them. If you love puffers, it would be a fantastic read. You can read her own review of the book at:
          This lady is a wonderful writer, and supplied me with a copy of the E-Book for me to read. She definitely knows what she is talking about, and I was actually amazed at how well written the E-Book was. When I see a wonderful artist, I know they must be shared!

          She has a free excerpt of the book for you to read, and has the full copy ready for purchase. She is constantly updating the book, and even if you don't yet own a puffer fish (but are planning to), her email list would be a good source of information for you! You can find the free preview of the book by signing up.

          If you are interested in this perfect little puffer book, this link takes you straight to checkout with paypal, BUT this link gives you $5.00 off. Click Here to check it out! This book is over 70 pages long, and it's crazy just how much it teaches you over Pufferfish ownership. I sure hope her E-Book becomes mainstream in the world of Puffer Fish, because it's a diamond of a book!

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