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Monday, December 19, 2011

Well, Isn't That Just Strange? [Part 2]

This is the Aye-Aye... A cute, but VERY weird looking animal coming out of Madagascar. See his picture?

This is one of the biggest nocturnal primates, and they use their rodent like teeth to gnaw on trees to find food. They will tap on a tree to find grubs & insects, gnaw into the tree, then use their really long middle fingers to pull them out. He is a little odd looking- but cute too!!!!


  1. What actually is it ? It looks like a bat...Does it bite ?...and how can you tell if its a male or female and are there any more of them ?

  2. This is an Aye Aye! And yes, they are native to the island of Madagascar! Haha I'm sure if provoked... It would most definitely bite. As for male/female... I'm not sure... I found it online, and thought it was an interesting addition to our little space of the web :)


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