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Friday, December 16, 2011

Yellow Lab Saved By Mouth to Snout

       It's always great to hear a warming story, especially when a fellow human saves the life of an unknown animal. I'm here to share this story, as I thought you guys would enjoy reading this!

      A 7 year old yellow lab (named Koda), was trapped inside of a burning home in Wisconsin. A firefighter had carried the poor fellow out, and he was limp with no sign of breathing. Then, Jamie (kudos for this firefighter!) had resuscitated Koda using mouth to "snout". Koda was recently adopted, only two days before. His other three furry friends escaped the fire and were fine- Koda was extremely lucky, but made a great recovery later that day. Thank goodness for the goodhearted people in our world!

       I found this to be a sweet happy story, and I hope you enjoyed. Post this blog post to your facebook wall to share with your dog-owning friends!

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1 comment:

  1. What a lovely happy ending to such a sad story, i hope the family and their furry friends are all well, Kudos, the fire fighter, your a star, some would have thought 'it's only a dog' but you didn't, well done.


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