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Friday, October 5, 2012

2012 Halloween Dog Events, Halloween Dog Festivals

We all enjoy Halloween, and many of us know that our dogs should have the chance to as well! Many places across the country are celebrating Halloween with community pets, in recognition of this. If you would like to attend one, you might find one near you. This is probably more geared towards those who live in more populated areas, and I do apologize to those who do not have one nearby. Don't feel bad though; there's not one anywhere NEAR me either!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

MPMETM's Favorite Quotes #1

I found these quotes from across the web, then placed them into some beautiful
little pictures. I hope you guys enjoy these quotes, as they are all so
incredibly true! Have a great day guys!!!!
--Krystal, MPMETM Admin :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Are Your Pets Safe This Fall?

Our pets are important, and it is vital that we keep them safe during the beautiful fall season. Have you thought about this fall issues that could endanger your pet? Keep these on top of mind, so that your pets do not fall victim.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Crazy Pet Products- Useful, or Stupid?

Yes, we all love our animals. But perhaps some of these gadgets take it a little too far? I thought you guys might enjoy this type of post, so feel free to leave comments below saying which gadget YOU think is the weirdest, most useful, or down right useless!

For starters, how about a gold fish walker? Yup, that's right. A WALKER for your goldfish. Now tell me.... Would you take your fish on walks with you, or do you think it would be too much of a hassle? Perhaps it stresses the fishies out as well... Either way, one inventor has created this device so his fish can go on leisurely strolls with him!

 Next, is the doggy hot tub. Now this is what you call spoiling and pampering at its finest. This is pretty self explanatory, but would you invest in one of these? I know I probably wouldn't; I'd like a hot tub myself, but that just is not in the cards! haha

How about a bird harness? Okay, so this can be pretty useful, if you choose to put your bird on one. However, I don't see a bird being very friendly with it. I would think they'd have a major issue with this one!

Glowing ant farms, this is a pretty cool concept. I've never actually had an ant farm, but Antworks has this pretty cool little ant farm. There's apparently several different types, so here's one of the many photos I found.

Birdhouses are an age old item for bird lovers, and now? They've only gotten better. How cool is it to have a bird house with a built in camera? Now you can anticipate the birth and raising of some cute baby birds. This might be a bit ridiculous to some, but it is definitely awesome for others!

So, you might get a giggle or two out of this, or you might just roll your eyes. How about a Poop Trapper? This contraption mounts to your dogs rearend. It then catches poo, so you don't have to clean up- you simply remove the bag. Personally? I think I'd rather use a pooper scooper rather than taking the bag straight from the source. But to each his own!

Okay, so this thing is called Petscell. Basically, it has a special number that you can use to call your pet, and have a conversation with him or her. It has GPS in case of a runaway or theft; so that's definitely useful. This could possibly be therapeutic for anxious dogs while his or her parents are away for holidays or vacations. It is a bit crazy to have a "cell phone" for your dog. But there are a bunch of other benefits to it, so it's not too bad of an idea.

What did you guys think???? Sure hope you enjoyed!
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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Human Baby Trolls Family Dog at Bathtime (Youtube Vid)

This child is clearly a master troller.... Look at him go! It's absolutely adorable, and the baby definitely gets a laugh. The dog? Not so much. GOTTA HAVE THAT TOY!!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Dove Courts AND Trolls Sleeping Cat (cute video)

So, in this video, the dove is courting and trolling the sleeping kitty. It's so cute- they must be quite the friends! The kitty is obviously not trying to hurt the dove- As you can see :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day In The Life of a Cat: Photo Story

I decided to compile this little story line of photos, entitled "A Day in the Life of a Cat". I hope you guys enjoy it!!! Was fun to make :) Share if it gave you a laugh!!!


Kitty Cat Chills Out/Sitting Like A Human Video

Perhaps this is a little unconventional....
Who knows if the kitty ACTUALLY sat like this, or if his/her owner put em in this position.
But this sure is pretty adorable! Had to share with the kitty lovers here!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rest In Peace, Neil Armstrong

I know this is not pet related, but I wanted to send out wishes to the family of Neil Armstrong.

He passed today, August 25th, 2012. (view to continue reading)

He suffered from complications due to his heart surgery, shortly after his 82nd birthday earlier this month.

For the younger generation who is not aware of who Neil is, he previously commanded Apollo 11 in 1969. Otherwise known as the first man on the moon. This famous man did in fact live to be a ripe old age, but it is a shame to lose such an icon. May he rest in peace!!!

"One small step for man; one giant leap for mankind."

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Freebie Kick Off- Day 1!

So here we are! Kicking off the first of posts! So, I've scraped up 5 free things for you guys- Dog related this time around! Keep a watch for the next posts though, because there will be other animals included. Even the fishies :) Once you have submitted for all of your free stuff, be sure to share with your friends so that they can get in on it. Also, if you have any animal loving friends, give our facebook community a share inviting them on over! Thanks guys!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How Do Our Pets Impact Our Lives?

                  Sometimes, I stop and wonder about the pets I've had in my life, and how they've impacted me personally. They've all lead me on a wonderful journey.... And I wonder, what can you add to this once you've read?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

10 Great Things To Do With Your Dog

       Ten Things To Do With Your Dog        

We all love our dogs, but sometimes we get a little busy in our lives. It is a wonderful idea to set aside time every day, and some weekends, to dedicate solely to your dog or family. Since our dogs are a part of the family, there are several things that everyone can do together- that keeps your dog from being bored or lonely.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Treating Canine Pain- Aspirin

Aspirin is a commonly used pain medication in not only humans, but animals too. For dogs, several painful injuries, conditions, or illnesses can result int he need for pain medication to alleviate their suffering. Aspirin is one of the few human medications that can be used for dogs, but it must be used carefully.

Arthritis pain is one of the biggest conditions for the use of aspirin- and while it is not ideal nor healthy to use it frequently, it can definitely help your poor dog get through the day when it has an abnormally large amount of pain from arthritis. Arthritis can come and go some days; with some posing little or no pain, and others being absolutely dreadful. It is much the same in animals as it is with humans, so we can all imagine just how much pain they CAN be in.

There are many different pain medications available through veterinarians, but sometimes you may need a quick fix. There are many things that should be considered and that the owner should be aware of (including problems that could arise) while using aspirin. This article over dog aspirin for arthritis can help you to note some important information.

There are also other natural alternatives to aspirin for dogs, which they also cover in said article. Since there are so many of us who are currently dog owners, I felt this was a very important topic. Visit To learn more about the use of aspirin with your dog.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Wooden Furniture For Pets- An Economical Option

When we are searching for furniture or crates for our animals, we usually resort to metal or plastic options. Of course, these are not the best for the environment, and can later be sent to landfills. So, I am presenting you with wooden furniture and crates.

This one particular dealer furnishes all sorts of wooden amenities for animals. From crates, to door gates, to bed ramps, and more. They are produced by the Amish, in Pennsylvania. So, it's also benefiting the American economy, versus imports. 

These objects are also stained to match decor, so they look beautiful in the home. There are even dog feeding tables, and large enclosed litter boxes. They have some beautiful handiwork, and wooden furniture is also very reliable.

Some of the wooden dog crates can even double over as furniture for the family, such as a small end table. This adds versatility to the dog furniture. With a plastic crate, it just would not look right- it would actually look slightly tacky if you are into extensive home decor. These wooden crates also allow for the pet to be able to see more of what is going on around them, versus plastic crates that are mostly enclosed. 

The enclosed litter box is also a nice piece; it is very roomy, and looks very nice. When was the last time you saw a litter box enclosure that was attractive visually? It is perhaps my favorite, other than the elegantly designed dog feeding tables.

I thought I would share this awesome concept with you guys, and you can visit the site here if you would like to see it for yourself.

The Last Mass Extinction

Over 250,000,000 years ago, Earth suffered from a mass extinction.

When animals go extinct, especially in masses, it can have a huge toll on the earth's diverse ecosystems. Now, many may not think that the loss of a single animal species can be bad for its ecosystem- but it can cause more damage than you may think.

This article notes that it took over 10,000,000 years for the earth to recover, it's an interesting read, so go check it out! This was just published today :)

Challenge The Cute: Adorable Videos For A Bad Day!

Two Kitties on the treadmill!

 Let her melt your heart!!!!!

 Dog Scared Of Stuffed Toy!

 Two Huskies Meet Their New Kitten

Monday, May 7, 2012

Equine Sports: Are You Involved?

          Equine sports have been popular for thousands of years; as is the case with ancient chariot races. Today, there are several horse and equine related sports to choose from. There are laid back sports such as dressage competitions, breed particular shows, and horse polo. Other adrenaline sports, such as racing, are also quite common. Many people are well aware of the thoroughbred races and barrel racing. Yet, there are also sports that revolve around work related activities, such as calf roping. This sport reflects the efficiency of a particular horse, when it is involved in necessary tasks on a cattle ranch.
          With so many different equine related sports, there is also a need for different equipment, tack, and even supplements to keep the horses healthy and comfortable when competing, working, or training. It is the owner's responsibility to keep them healthy and happy; after all, you cannot expect your horse to have a desire to compete if it is under the weather or unhappy. Equus Athletics provides much of what is needed for these sports and competitions; even if they are just in play. They even have a massaging tool in stock for you to use on your horse, before and after warm ups. OR even just for pampering your horse. I am supporting them as they believe in the health and happiness of a horse first and foremost; The massaging tool, EquiStix, was their first product. I would say that this says a lot about this company!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Keep That Tail Wagging!

               Hey guys! Does anyone here enjoy just cruising blogs? Reading what's what and what's new in the pet world? If so, go and give Keep The Tail Wagging a visit!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"Meow Mix": Intriguing Animation Some Might Find Creepy

Check out this awesome video by animator Cyriak. He is extremely popular for "Cows & Cows & Cows", which many saw when it went viral on Youtube. This little gem will intrigue the cat lovers :) COMMENT SECTION: Have you previously seen this video? What did you think of it???

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Resourceful Site For Owners Of Livestock & Farm Animals

                As many of us are animal lovers, some of us are also owners of farms, or other livestock operations. Some of us raise horses, show chickens, pet goats, and even pet cattle. Yet others of us may also have pet ducks or sheep for wool. Just like every other animal, we should all be well educated with the animals we own, raise, and care for.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

How To Protect Your Pets When Injured

               Have you invested in insurance for your beloved pets? If not, it should definitely be placed on your “to do list”. We all love our animals, and we want to see them happy, healthy, and living a very nice long life.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Odd Things Dogs Ate: Caught On X-Ray!

Does your dog have a tendency to eat things it shouldn't? Check out what these dogs ate.... Some are absolute "WHAT!?!?!?" moments. After viewing, comment with the oddest thing your dog has eaten! :) ALSO: share with your friends so that they can see just how important it is to PUPPY PROOF the home!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Training Your Dog May Be Affected By Breed

Everyone knows that dog training varies with each dog or puppy. Some are harder to train, others are incredibly easy. The dog's breed can have a lot to do with how hard or easy it is to train them, so you should be aware of the characteristics of the breed you intend to bring into your home.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dog Care Tips And Information

I hope this video over dog care and dog information is helpful to you. It is a slideshow video, so please enjoy :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Petsami Pet Entertainment: Shows, Clips, Incredibly Cute "Pet TV"!

Petsami is a new network, which is striking into the pet entertainment world. They are about embracing instincts, having fun, and releasing the inner animal. Petsami offers shows that are not only about the featured pets and their daily antics, but they are also hosted by the pets. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

All About The Day Of Response, End Animal Suffering Locally!

                “Day Of Response” is hosted by K9Nation, which is a charity that can be visited at . K9Nation is in an attempt to help individuals to solve animal cruelty on a national level. As everyone knows, it takes effort, crowds, and participation to change things for the better; however, organizations like PETA have not been as successful as they COULD be, as they did not utilize the LOCAL level of participation. If they had, there would be so much more they could accomplish. Now, K9Nation is stepping in, to help organize as many local meetings as possible in October 2012.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

If You Have A Veterinary Emergency, Insurance May Be A Godsend!

                In today’s world, dangers, poisonings, and accidents are around every corner. With the reckless drivers and unsafe/littered environments that many of us witness every day, our world has become a dangerous place. It is dangerous not only to us; but for our PETS too.
                To add on to that, we are all at risk for health concerns and problems that were predetermined by genetics or possibly influenced by lifestyle factors. Humans have developed a method of protection: Insurance. Just like humans, dogs and cats along with many other species of animals are able to be insured for health, accidents, and life too.
                Even though you may stop and think that pet insurance is probably too expensive for your budget, you can always take the curiosity you have and do a quick investigation. That way, you can estimate what insurance would cost for on down the road; when you are more relaxed in your financial situation. Not all of us CAN afford it, but it’s still advisable to anyone who can.
                Think of it this way: If you cannot afford insurance for your pet, how on earth can you afford a $300 vet bill? This would be considered a VERY cheap vet bill, perhaps a small emergency. But if your pet breaks a bone, it could cost over $3,000 at the vet. This could cost you more than what 5 years worth of insurance would. If you didn’t think of it that way, you’re probably just a little shocked haha.
                I have become a fan of 1 800 Pet Insurance because it is a comparison site- It’s main purpose is to bring all pet insurance companies into one big pot, then pick out the ones that match you, your pet, the place you live, budget, all that stuff. I support it so much because EVERYONE needs to get their pets insured.
                Have you ever had a pet with a veterinary emergency, but you couldn’t afford it so you couldn’t take them? Perhaps the pet died because you couldn’t shell out money you didn’t have? Some of us can’t help the financial situation we’re in. But that doesn’t mean we SHOULDN’T have pets, and that doesn’t mean we CAN’T properly care for them or love them.
                Look at us humans- almost all of us have some sort of health insurance- and if we didn’t? There’s a good possibility we would neglect our OWN health and medical needs. 

Monday, January 30, 2012

Warning Signs Of Antifreeze Poisoning

If there's one thing any dog or cat owner knows, it's just how dangerous antifreeze is to pets! Antifreeze can cause major problems, so here we will address some warning signs of poisoning by antifreeze. Of course, it is important to keep this dangerous substance out of reach of your pets. If your vehicle is leaking coolant and your pets are roaming near it, always be sure to thoroughly clean the spill for the health of your pet and the environment.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Your Dog's Dessert: The package says "Healthy", But Is It Really?

This is a special guest post regarding healthy dog treats & dog diets by Bruce Dwyer, owner of and . He has provided this post for our loving community, and I hope everyone enjoys his post!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Amazing Animal Facts Worth Reading

Okay, so maybe you just came because you were bored... Maybe because you want to learn something new... Or maybe you just love ALL of our posts... hahaha okay, maybe not the previous. But either way, I think you guys will enjoy these. I'll make it short & sweet, and if you have some interesting facts to add, leave them as a comment! :) 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Top Ten Animal Characters

I think I'd like to begin doing some fun conversational pieces on our blog! If you would like to comment, it's easy :) These are my 10 favorite animal characters, and I'd like to see yours too! Leave your top tens as a comment!

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