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Monday, January 2, 2012

Amazing Animal Facts Worth Reading

Okay, so maybe you just came because you were bored... Maybe because you want to learn something new... Or maybe you just love ALL of our posts... hahaha okay, maybe not the previous. But either way, I think you guys will enjoy these. I'll make it short & sweet, and if you have some interesting facts to add, leave them as a comment! :) 

1) Crocodiles Eat Stones!  They stay in their stomachs permanently.

2)There Is a 50% Fat Content In Whale Milk! Guessing this does not fit your dietary needs as a human, but this helps the baby whale to bulk up FAST!

3) Birds Recognize Landmarks! It's like their own version of mapquest....

4) The Typical Beaver's Day Gets Longer In Winter! They will often stay awake for 29 hours. this is because they do not leave their dens, and the sun doesn't affect their sense of time like it normally does.

5) Mole Rats Are Not Blind! It was previously thought that they were... Like most REAL moles. But they are able to see.

6) Baby Chicks Ensure One Another's Survival! When they find food, they make a chirp that announces the finding of food to nearby chicks. Usually, those chicks are closely related- they are helping to ensure that their family will survive!

7) Fish Swap Genital Organs! This is a form of survival, where fish will switch their organs in order to reproduce in accordance with the male to female ratio successfully. Some are even hermaphrodites!

8) Giraffes Have A Special Blood Vessel Structure! The circulatory system must ensure that the blood does not rush to the head through the long neck while bent, and it must be able to pump the blood to the head when raised. The skin of the legs must be tight also, because blood will pool at the hooves.

9) Elephants Have A Lot Of Brains! An Elephant's brain weighs 11 pounds on average- the biggest of the landwalkers!

10) Parrots ACTUALLY Understand! They can connect words, and objects, with meanings. They are capable of some things that might bend your mind- Even activities like that of children 4-6 years old!!!

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