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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Top Ten Animal Characters

I think I'd like to begin doing some fun conversational pieces on our blog! If you would like to comment, it's easy :) These are my 10 favorite animal characters, and I'd like to see yours too! Leave your top tens as a comment!

1) PUSS IN BOOTS! Come on now, he's just too cute. And pretty funny too.

2) PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR! They always crack me up. They're always scheming something!

3) NAPOLEON! The little yellow lab puppy that gets trapped in a balloon basket and floats away? I love that movie! And that puppy was such a darling character.

4) TOM (TOM & JERRY)! I love his undying desire to catch jerry. An ambitious little fellow....

5)BLACK BEAUTY- This movie really got me! Absolutely loved it.... And Beauty's perspective really gives insight into the not-so-happy lives of traded horses.

6) KING JULIAN- His arrogance.... Can't help but make you laugh!

7) MONKEYBONES- If you have not seen this movie.... Then You might not understand why I chose Mr Monkeybones. This movie was hilarious, but not exactly for the kids hahaha.

8) GARFIELD- This cat really does sound like a cat's perspective on life. That is EXACTLY what I love about Garfield <3

9) ALVIN & THE CHIMPMUNKS- They're just so cute too! And their movies are so funny!

10) SPIRIT- This stallion is so inspiring, and he made a great movie!


  1. How about Hello Kitty, I'm not a cat lover nor a girly girl, but kitty is quite cute:)By the way, love your site!

  2. My favorite animal characters will be Minnie mouse and Micky mouse from Disney! But I don't think I will get a little rat as a pet though:(


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