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Monday, January 30, 2012

Warning Signs Of Antifreeze Poisoning

If there's one thing any dog or cat owner knows, it's just how dangerous antifreeze is to pets! Antifreeze can cause major problems, so here we will address some warning signs of poisoning by antifreeze. Of course, it is important to keep this dangerous substance out of reach of your pets. If your vehicle is leaking coolant and your pets are roaming near it, always be sure to thoroughly clean the spill for the health of your pet and the environment.

Seeming Drunk
Alcohol is an ingredient of antifreeze, so if your dog is acting drunk, it is quite possible that he or she got into antifreeze.
These are typical of antifreeze poisoning. A seizure is when an animal or human goes into a bout of muscle spasms and rapid movement. Usually, victims are not conscious of the seizure. Seizures in themselves can be dangerous; this is a common symptom of poisoning.
Heavy thirst 
Animals who are poisoned with antifreeze will go through extreme thirst and abnormal amounts of urination.
Poor respiration
As the antifreeze makes its way through the animal's system, it can cause serious respiratory problems. It may be as subtle as panting or as rough as labored breathing. In any case, a vet should be called with labored breathing.
This is a common symptom with many poisonings too. Later into poisoning, the animal will begin to go into pain. It can cause personality changes in the animal, usually causing them to become nervous, anxious, jumpy, or maybe even aggressive.

If you suspect that your animal has been exposed to antifreeze and may be poisoned, you need to contact a veterinarian immediately. This is also a point in time where dog health insurance will come in handy. Be sure to take every precaution to avoid poisoning of your pets, because antifreeze is lethal.

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