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Sunday, February 19, 2012

If You Have A Veterinary Emergency, Insurance May Be A Godsend!

                In today’s world, dangers, poisonings, and accidents are around every corner. With the reckless drivers and unsafe/littered environments that many of us witness every day, our world has become a dangerous place. It is dangerous not only to us; but for our PETS too.
                To add on to that, we are all at risk for health concerns and problems that were predetermined by genetics or possibly influenced by lifestyle factors. Humans have developed a method of protection: Insurance. Just like humans, dogs and cats along with many other species of animals are able to be insured for health, accidents, and life too.
                Even though you may stop and think that pet insurance is probably too expensive for your budget, you can always take the curiosity you have and do a quick investigation. That way, you can estimate what insurance would cost for on down the road; when you are more relaxed in your financial situation. Not all of us CAN afford it, but it’s still advisable to anyone who can.
                Think of it this way: If you cannot afford insurance for your pet, how on earth can you afford a $300 vet bill? This would be considered a VERY cheap vet bill, perhaps a small emergency. But if your pet breaks a bone, it could cost over $3,000 at the vet. This could cost you more than what 5 years worth of insurance would. If you didn’t think of it that way, you’re probably just a little shocked haha.
                I have become a fan of 1 800 Pet Insurance because it is a comparison site- It’s main purpose is to bring all pet insurance companies into one big pot, then pick out the ones that match you, your pet, the place you live, budget, all that stuff. I support it so much because EVERYONE needs to get their pets insured.
                Have you ever had a pet with a veterinary emergency, but you couldn’t afford it so you couldn’t take them? Perhaps the pet died because you couldn’t shell out money you didn’t have? Some of us can’t help the financial situation we’re in. But that doesn’t mean we SHOULDN’T have pets, and that doesn’t mean we CAN’T properly care for them or love them.
                Look at us humans- almost all of us have some sort of health insurance- and if we didn’t? There’s a good possibility we would neglect our OWN health and medical needs. 

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