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Saturday, March 3, 2012

All About The Day Of Response, End Animal Suffering Locally!

                “Day Of Response” is hosted by K9Nation, which is a charity that can be visited at . K9Nation is in an attempt to help individuals to solve animal cruelty on a national level. As everyone knows, it takes effort, crowds, and participation to change things for the better; however, organizations like PETA have not been as successful as they COULD be, as they did not utilize the LOCAL level of participation. If they had, there would be so much more they could accomplish. Now, K9Nation is stepping in, to help organize as many local meetings as possible in October 2012.

                So, What IS The Day Of Response? What happens? The Day Of Response is the official meeting day for k9Nation in 2012. It takes place on Tuesday, October 9th. These meetings are conceived on a local level, so that everyone can join in on the fight for more humane treatment of animals, as well as helping to rally together supporters for concerning issues on a local and national level. These meetings also are in need of coordinators; whom help to organize and preside over the meetings in their local area. These meetings allow for the discussion of multiple issues and concerns, as well as allowing for you to speak out independently, and have your voice heard.
                If you are interested in taking part of this country wide movement, visit K9Nation for even more information that I may have missed in this post. Anyone can participate: whether you want to join in on the meetings, would like to bring a serious local issue to the table, or organize the meetings. There is a role for everyone! Also, other organizations, such as rescues or shelters, can participate in this event. Hopefully, the Day Of Response will be a huge hit, encouraging all animal lovers to come in and give a helping hand.
                We, as animal lovers, must be the voice of the silent. If we don’t fight for the rights these animals deserve, who will? Probably no one! They cannot speak; so we must open our eyes to even the most disturbing of issues, speak out, bring them to the attention of others, and take action. These meetings will help everyone to learn HOW to help. So if you’ve been wanting to make a difference in the world of animals, but have not known how to, the Day Of Response is your chance to learn from other animal rights activists! K9Nation Is Here J

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