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Friday, March 9, 2012

Petsami Pet Entertainment: Shows, Clips, Incredibly Cute "Pet TV"!

Petsami is a new network, which is striking into the pet entertainment world. They are about embracing instincts, having fun, and releasing the inner animal. Petsami offers shows that are not only about the featured pets and their daily antics, but they are also hosted by the pets. 

They are launching with six shows, each of which striking the interest of different animal loving humans. Petsami is sure to be a big hit, and its new shows are definitely sounding really interesting! They are already live on their website, and are REALLY driving interest on the Petsami Youtube Channel. (You can visit this channel at
They have many pet and owner videos there, sparking laughs and cracking smiles. They have new episodes being posted every day, according to the channel itself. As for the different shows that they offer, you can find “Crib Cat”, “Cute Win Tail”, “Klip Kat”, “Leash Line News”, “One Minute Meerkat”, and “Puppies Versus Kittens” all on their website. Each of these shows is equally cute, and run by our pets and animals; Furred, scaled, feathered, or maybe even bald!
There is no telling what all is in store for the future of Petsami, but I can definitely say that they are off to an amazing start. Below, you will find attached an episode of “One Minute Meerkat: Snooki Is Pregnant?” I thought you guys might enjoy watching this J . I thought it was particularly cute, and am going to leave you to decide for yourself. Be sure to leave what you think of it as a comment, and as I had previously stated, the channel boasts an upload every day. You can subscribe to them on youtube to  get notifications of their newest uploads. If you do not have a youtube account, they allow you to add favorites, subscribe to channels, and keep your favorite videos in one place; instead of having to search for them. So with all of us being animal lovers, a subscription to Petsami will keep you updated on their new videos and allow you to give them feedback.
I’ve enjoyed Petsami so far, and am excited to see how they evolve after today. Perhaps, we will see many more cute shows and ideas come forth from them, and see them become successful. With all of the violent and explicit content we see on television these days, it’s nice to see a cute, clean, and refreshing approach to entertainment.

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