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Friday, April 6, 2012

Odd Things Dogs Ate: Caught On X-Ray!

Does your dog have a tendency to eat things it shouldn't? Check out what these dogs ate.... Some are absolute "WHAT!?!?!?" moments. After viewing, comment with the oddest thing your dog has eaten! :) ALSO: share with your friends so that they can see just how important it is to PUPPY PROOF the home!

Rocks- 13 of them!

Rubber ducky down the hatch!

A Toy arrow- 10 inches long!

A Fish... AND A HOOK! The dog is reported to have made a full recovery!

We all know who the Homer Simpson fan is here!

A 2 FT long stick... WHOAH. Recovery here too :)

Don't think i need to identify this for you ;)

Ironic- A toy dog!

Hard to see, but 15 pacifiers in there!!!

Golf balls, with a bullet. ODD combination.

I bet the owner wasn't too happy when their CELL PHONE went missing....

Yup, those are nails. How many??? 130!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That'ssssss where the soccer ball went to.....

NEVER leave an engagement ring in the paws of your doggy!

Fairy wands either.....

A FIFTEEN inch knife. It's a MIRACLE that this dog not only made it, but was left with NO damage.

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