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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Treating Canine Pain- Aspirin

Aspirin is a commonly used pain medication in not only humans, but animals too. For dogs, several painful injuries, conditions, or illnesses can result int he need for pain medication to alleviate their suffering. Aspirin is one of the few human medications that can be used for dogs, but it must be used carefully.

Arthritis pain is one of the biggest conditions for the use of aspirin- and while it is not ideal nor healthy to use it frequently, it can definitely help your poor dog get through the day when it has an abnormally large amount of pain from arthritis. Arthritis can come and go some days; with some posing little or no pain, and others being absolutely dreadful. It is much the same in animals as it is with humans, so we can all imagine just how much pain they CAN be in.

There are many different pain medications available through veterinarians, but sometimes you may need a quick fix. There are many things that should be considered and that the owner should be aware of (including problems that could arise) while using aspirin. This article over dog aspirin for arthritis can help you to note some important information.

There are also other natural alternatives to aspirin for dogs, which they also cover in said article. Since there are so many of us who are currently dog owners, I felt this was a very important topic. Visit To learn more about the use of aspirin with your dog.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Wooden Furniture For Pets- An Economical Option

When we are searching for furniture or crates for our animals, we usually resort to metal or plastic options. Of course, these are not the best for the environment, and can later be sent to landfills. So, I am presenting you with wooden furniture and crates.

This one particular dealer furnishes all sorts of wooden amenities for animals. From crates, to door gates, to bed ramps, and more. They are produced by the Amish, in Pennsylvania. So, it's also benefiting the American economy, versus imports. 

These objects are also stained to match decor, so they look beautiful in the home. There are even dog feeding tables, and large enclosed litter boxes. They have some beautiful handiwork, and wooden furniture is also very reliable.

Some of the wooden dog crates can even double over as furniture for the family, such as a small end table. This adds versatility to the dog furniture. With a plastic crate, it just would not look right- it would actually look slightly tacky if you are into extensive home decor. These wooden crates also allow for the pet to be able to see more of what is going on around them, versus plastic crates that are mostly enclosed. 

The enclosed litter box is also a nice piece; it is very roomy, and looks very nice. When was the last time you saw a litter box enclosure that was attractive visually? It is perhaps my favorite, other than the elegantly designed dog feeding tables.

I thought I would share this awesome concept with you guys, and you can visit the site here if you would like to see it for yourself.

The Last Mass Extinction

Over 250,000,000 years ago, Earth suffered from a mass extinction.

When animals go extinct, especially in masses, it can have a huge toll on the earth's diverse ecosystems. Now, many may not think that the loss of a single animal species can be bad for its ecosystem- but it can cause more damage than you may think.

This article notes that it took over 10,000,000 years for the earth to recover, it's an interesting read, so go check it out! This was just published today :)

Challenge The Cute: Adorable Videos For A Bad Day!

Two Kitties on the treadmill!

 Let her melt your heart!!!!!

 Dog Scared Of Stuffed Toy!

 Two Huskies Meet Their New Kitten

Monday, May 7, 2012

Equine Sports: Are You Involved?

          Equine sports have been popular for thousands of years; as is the case with ancient chariot races. Today, there are several horse and equine related sports to choose from. There are laid back sports such as dressage competitions, breed particular shows, and horse polo. Other adrenaline sports, such as racing, are also quite common. Many people are well aware of the thoroughbred races and barrel racing. Yet, there are also sports that revolve around work related activities, such as calf roping. This sport reflects the efficiency of a particular horse, when it is involved in necessary tasks on a cattle ranch.
          With so many different equine related sports, there is also a need for different equipment, tack, and even supplements to keep the horses healthy and comfortable when competing, working, or training. It is the owner's responsibility to keep them healthy and happy; after all, you cannot expect your horse to have a desire to compete if it is under the weather or unhappy. Equus Athletics provides much of what is needed for these sports and competitions; even if they are just in play. They even have a massaging tool in stock for you to use on your horse, before and after warm ups. OR even just for pampering your horse. I am supporting them as they believe in the health and happiness of a horse first and foremost; The massaging tool, EquiStix, was their first product. I would say that this says a lot about this company!

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