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Monday, May 7, 2012

Equine Sports: Are You Involved?

          Equine sports have been popular for thousands of years; as is the case with ancient chariot races. Today, there are several horse and equine related sports to choose from. There are laid back sports such as dressage competitions, breed particular shows, and horse polo. Other adrenaline sports, such as racing, are also quite common. Many people are well aware of the thoroughbred races and barrel racing. Yet, there are also sports that revolve around work related activities, such as calf roping. This sport reflects the efficiency of a particular horse, when it is involved in necessary tasks on a cattle ranch.
          With so many different equine related sports, there is also a need for different equipment, tack, and even supplements to keep the horses healthy and comfortable when competing, working, or training. It is the owner's responsibility to keep them healthy and happy; after all, you cannot expect your horse to have a desire to compete if it is under the weather or unhappy. Equus Athletics provides much of what is needed for these sports and competitions; even if they are just in play. They even have a massaging tool in stock for you to use on your horse, before and after warm ups. OR even just for pampering your horse. I am supporting them as they believe in the health and happiness of a horse first and foremost; The massaging tool, EquiStix, was their first product. I would say that this says a lot about this company!

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