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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

10 Great Things To Do With Your Dog

       Ten Things To Do With Your Dog        

We all love our dogs, but sometimes we get a little busy in our lives. It is a wonderful idea to set aside time every day, and some weekends, to dedicate solely to your dog or family. Since our dogs are a part of the family, there are several things that everyone can do together- that keeps your dog from being bored or lonely.

Take your dog out and about frequently
Your dog LOVES to explore. Try taking him or her out on the town, and to as many places as possible. Be sure that he or she is properly leash trained- to avoid any mishaps. Ensure that he or she has learned proper manners around people or animals. A single outing can make the rest of your dog’s week!

<Go For Hikes!
Again, dogs love to explore. While a hike doesn’t include as many places and people, it allows your dog to investigate nature. This is the perfect option for timid, semi aggressive, protective, or anxious dogs who would not do so well among large groups of people.

<Give Your Dog Star Treatment
Just like us, dogs like to feel clean and smell good. They may argue with bath time- but do you SEE the happiness and the looks on their faces after a good old scrubbing? THEY LOVE IT! Pamper your dog every now and then, heck, paint its toenails with dog safe nail polish if you’d like! This will also make your dog more accustomed to grooming- Especially if they are revolted by it. Over time, they realize it’s not so bad!

>Take your dog exercising with you
You may need to change up your exercise routine; but taking hikes, runs, walks, and even cycling with your dog are all great options. A high energy game of Frisbee or fetch can also be great exercise for the both of you. Incorporate your dog into your exercise regimen- it will motivate you, make exercising even more fun, and your dog will love you for it.
Do Activities Together!
No matter what you are doing- your dog would love to join you. This could be gardening, working on your car, organizing your movie collection, or curling up to watch one of those movies. Bring your dog into it- and maybe even play a little tug of war with that belt you found under the couch!

Take Your Dog To Visit A Lonely Person!
There are so many people in our world who are incredibly lonely, and could really use company. Set time aside to visit such places. You can visit an elderly family member or family friend, a nursing home, an orphanage, or any other place where your dog can mingle with people and put a smile on their faces. This makes your dog feel incredibly wanted and loved; and they can also feel somewhat like a superhero!
Teach An Old Dog New Tricks
Dogs are always learning- so if you have time to dedicate to a small training regimen, teach your dog some new tricks and kill old habits. This can not only positively affect you and your dog- it can impress everyone else. This one on one time is great for the both of you!

Re-establish Boundaries and Rules
We all teach our dogs to sit when the door is open, to stay off the tables, and not to jump on people. However, not all dogs want to obey the rules all the time. Take a bit of time when you see your dog doing these behaviors to correct them. Once corrected, it will become less of a problem when he/she ages (AND YOU!).

  Be Creative With Your Dog!
Did you just catch a sudden creative breath? Inspired perhaps? Make a masterpiece with your dog! You could make home videos, music featuring your dog, paint with your dog… Even write stories about them. Use your dog as inspiration. How about a nice portrait of your dog while you play fetch with him or her?

   Start A Neighborhood Dog Play Group!
Chances are, many of your neighbors have dogs. Begin a dog park group or play group with other dog owners. You guys can organize particular activities with your dogs, allowing the dogs to make new human and canine friends- that they can hang out with on a regular basis!

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