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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Freebie Kick Off- Day 1!

So here we are! Kicking off the first of posts! So, I've scraped up 5 free things for you guys- Dog related this time around! Keep a watch for the next posts though, because there will be other animals included. Even the fishies :) Once you have submitted for all of your free stuff, be sure to share with your friends so that they can get in on it. Also, if you have any animal loving friends, give our facebook community a share inviting them on over! Thanks guys!

Bumper sticker-

This bumper sticker says "Life's A Dog", and I know many of you might love it. Here's the link:

Environmentally Friendly Doggy Bags-

These doggy bags are flushable and biodegradeable, so this is good for those of you who try to maintain a clean yard or live in cities. The form is at the very bottom!

Free Doggy Cupcakes Samples-

This is a little doggy confection bakery, and they are offering free cupcakes. 2, actually. Here it is:

Healthident Dog Treats-

Spearmint flavoreddd!!! Great for teeth, and it's a Walmart based sample (good experience with their samples!)

Rachel Ray Nutrish-

Free sample of Rachel's dog food :) I thought it was pretty awesome when she came out with her pet line. She has always cooked incredible food for people!

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