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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Are Your Pets Safe This Fall?

Our pets are important, and it is vital that we keep them safe during the beautiful fall season. Have you thought about this fall issues that could endanger your pet? Keep these on top of mind, so that your pets do not fall victim.

  • The fall is a time for new school years, meaning all sorts of new school supplies. Ensure that you do not leave them laying around for the dog or cat to get ahold of. Glue, crayons, markers, and pens can all make pets very sick; so keep them out of reach to avoid a vet visit.

  • As the plants adjust to fall and winter, pet allergies can act up. If your pet begins to have issues breathing, begins to wheeze, or has a lot of sneezing or drainage going on, take him or her to the vet for allergy testing. If your pet does have allergies, try keeping medication on hand. You should try to keep them inside as much as possible during the peak of pollen activity, and the weather channel ( can give you a good idea as to the pollen index in your area.

  • Halloween is just around the corner, so be sure that if you take them out, they are equipped with reflective safety gear. Collars and coats are both effective. Be sure to keep any and all candy out of reach, as pets do have sweet tooths. The candy can make them severely ill, and possibly cause death.

  • As fall goes on, we will enter the holidays. This means lots of food, festivities, and holiday parties. Keep all of this food out of the reach of your pets, as it can upset their tummies or make them sick.

  • If you are putting up Christmas decorations, dogs and cats can see these as toys. Try to keep tree decor at least a few feet off of the ground. Also, ensure that cords and cables are out of reach. If your pet chews on them, they will be electrocuted; keep your pets away from this hazard.

  • Some of us will see ice and snow early in the fall, and excessively cold temperatures. If your pet has not grown his or her winter coat, minimalize their time outside or invest in doggy coats and boots. They can get sick from the cold just like us.

  • As for toxic hazards, there are quite a few in fall. Rodents and insects begin to move inside as the temperatures plummet, encouraging you to use pesticides and poisons. Keep all out of reach of pets, and dispose of dead insects or rodents before your pets get ahold of them. These poisons are just as dangerous for our pets, as they are for their victims. Mushroom season is also coming, so keep your pets away from areas that they are growing in. They may not be on the cat or dog menu for tasty treats, but some will nibble on them anyways. Some mushroom species are highly toxic. You may also be changing the coolant and antifreeze in your vehicle in preparation of freezing weather. If so, make sure you do not drip any onto the ground. Not only is it a hazard to the environment, but it is also lethal to living creatures.

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