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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Eliminating Cats In New Zealand!?!?! WHAT???

In New Zealand, cat owners all over face a huge problem when it comes to their feline companions. Currently, there is an environmentalist who is fighting to protect  native birds in New Zealand; which is currently threatened by domestic and feral cats. While he does mean well (and it is incredibly important to protect our native species, both plants and animals), he is certainly getting a bad name and an expected verbal outlash by cat owners across the country.

Gareth Morgan Cats
Just how would cats respond to this outrage????
Gareth Morgan is fighting to protect these birds; and is attempting to launch several campaigns to do just that. He is also targeting mice on the Antipodes Islands, as they also threaten the populations of New Zealand's wild birds.

Currently, his campaigns are failing incredibly. But what else is to be expected? He is attacking 48% of the population by attempting to eradicate the kitty population.

New Zealand is one of the top countries for cat ownership, as that 48 percentile is the part of the population that owns at least one cat.

What do YOU think about this move, no matter where you are in the world?

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