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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

This Poor Litter Of Puppies Never Stood A Chance: Aborted and Euthanized

NOTE: This is not one of the puppies.
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        In the Middle Tennessee area (USA), a poor golden retriever mix named Shianne was faced with the horrors of entering an animal shelter, after surrendered. She was heavily pregnant, and very close to delivery. Shortly after she arrived, the county animal shelter decided to spay her.

        The puppies were aborted during the spay surgery; they were then euthanized after they were removed form the mother dog. Shianne was later adopted after the surgery, and she also died within a month of this procedure. The adoptive family believes that the spaying process may have played a part in her death; whether it was an infection that arose from the procedure, or a complication following it. (Local News coverage video to follow).

        There were rumors and whispers saying that the dog was in labor when the procedure was performed, yet the manager states that she was not in labor. He also states that this occurs often, and when it does, that the puppies are humanely euthanized to ensure that they feel nothing. The shelter is overflowing, and very few people are stepping forward to adopt animals, in an effort to increase the amount of animals that have a safe place to wait without fear of euthanasia.

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                This is an absolutely horrible act; and we all wish that it would stop. But right now, we are faced with millions of homeless animals across the world, and so many are euthanized daily. They do deserve the right to live; but will this message get across? Will you spread this post? If we cannot encourage people to adopt just one more animal, to take the money to get their pets fixed, we will never find a solution to this problem. There simply isn't enough room for these sweet, poor souls; can we all just take a pledge, and vow to make just one more small slot in our families to adopt just ONE pet?

WSMV Channel 4

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  1. What a cruel act. So sad, RIP mom and babies. Now you are together because of human cruelty.


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