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Friday, March 1, 2013

Why Do Evil People Do What They Do?

I really don't understand people.
Why do they do what they do?
They can be completely and utterly cruel!!!
There's so many animals out there that fall into the hands of mean people.
They get beaten, abused, neglected, killed.....
Dumped off at death's doorstep.
Euthanized for being unwanted.
Left in the cold to starve.
And the worst part? Many will never know what love is.

There are people out there clubbing seals in the head, fighting dogs to the death, skinning tigers alive, making clothes out of innocent babies, sending retired racehorses to slaughter win they can't earn any more money....

I know it may never end.
I know many people do not care.
But we are animals too... we feel like they feel, we hurt like they hurt, we fear like they fear...
So why is it, most people are not following the golden rule of treat others how you'd like to be treated?
Why is it people act like they have no souls, no compassion, no emotion?

How can they not see the pain in the animals' eyes?
How can they not take to heart their screams, whimpers, their language?
Why don't they listen to their desperate pleas?
How can they even SLEEP at night?????

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