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Monday, May 27, 2013

10 Common Pests and Illnesses To Avoid

This is a new video on our Youtube channel! 10 common pests and illnesses that pets can get. This is perfect for new pet owners that need to know what parasites, pests, and illnesses that they are up against. Pests can cause serious health issues, as can infections. Some, such as rabies and heartworms, can eventually cause death. For a pet that will lead a long, happy, healthy life, it is important to avoid them.

Ticks and fleas seem to be the most common in households. For you and your pets, which pests seem to pop up the most? What preventatives do you use to avoid these pests? Leave any answers or opinions in our comments section! Suggestions and ideas are welcome as well guys!!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Elderly Tornado Survivor Finds Missing Dog DURING News Interview Video

I saw this on the news several times today, and there is finally a video up of it for me to share with you guys. This elderly woman got 1 wish- to be safe from the tornado. However, she wasn't sure about her second wish: for her missing best friend to be found. As she was being interviewed- her second wish is granted. Check it out- it's so sweet and heartwarming guys!!!!

Facebook Comes To Rescue In Light Of Ok. Tornado Tragedy- PLEASE READ!!!!

Alright everybody, I know most of you are aware of the tragedy in Oklahoma. While we may not be able to rewind time, WE ALL CAN HELP THEM! HOW??? There are Facebook Groups that is being used to post "lost and found". ONE OF THE BIGGEST? Pets!!! YES! There are pets being listed as lost/found on this page. Please everyone, share this post and these groups as FAR as you possibly can. Belongings are being found over 250 miles away from the site of the tragedy as well. Here's some currently listed, I'm pulling these from the groups, all group links & names at bottom of post:

*FOUND* TAG SAYS "MCKEY": Posted on link #1

*FOUND* No Info Given, BLOODHOUND, posted on Link #2:


Link #1:   OK Tornado Doc & Picture Recovery (7,000 members)
Link #2:    McClain Co Animal Response Team (700 likes)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Strange Cat Facts Infographic!!

Everyone loves some strange facts. While many of us already know some of these, it's definitely interesting to see the rest of the facts.

You have to love these crazy little critters though. All of their odd quirks and antics are the reasons that we keep them as pets. They are never shy to entertain us and they definitely don't disappoint! Unless they destroy something, or cover our homes in fur... but that is okay, it was part of the bargain when we took them into our homes ;)

I hope you guys enjoy and don't shy away from sharing if you found this infographic to be rather interesting! Also, I originally looked for the embed code, but that didn't go over well. So I'm just going to let you guys know that it is assumed property of Pets Central as stated in the top right of the graphic :)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Important Snake Bite Infographic: Cats & Dogs

This infographic is particularly helpful, and I decided to share it so ALL of our dog lovers can watch their dogs closely this summer. Please hit "SHARE" so that friends and family can see this important information.

This gives you a little information regarding snake bites in pets. A snake bite can cause serious illness, long term health effects, and death as you all know. I hope this infographic proves useful!!! Lets keep our pets protected this summer, and avoid leaving hideouts and habits for snakes in the areas that our dogs frequent. By keeping the environment safe for your dog, you can greatly reduce the risk for a snakebite!

ALSO: This infographic originates in Australia so statistics will differ :)

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