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Sunday, July 28, 2013

10 Reasons to Have Rats as Pets

We all know pets are awesome, period. We all have our own tastes of course! I am personally a kitty person. Some of you are dog people. Some are snake people. We all have our favorite species, and sometimes we love to venture into the unknown.

This is why I bring you this article- so that you can check out the top ten reasons for rats as a pet.

I love rats, as some of you already know! I think that many of you would feel the same as well, especially since the majority of us are absolutely crazy about animals of all shapes and sizes. I think my favorite thing about rats is their sweet and adorable personalities!

I currently have one rat right now, a white dumbo eared male with a blue mask. I call him Tink, it's actually a long story as far as the name goes. His "brother" is solid blue, and they get along famously. Not a single scuffle or argument to date- and I think they could set a good example for people, personally. How they have lived together for 8 months without a disagreement is beyond me, but so incredibly admirable; especially when they don't have their own rooms! Anyways, I will let you all get back to your daily surfing :) thank you so much for stopping in again!

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