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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Rare Pink Dolphin- Have You Seen Him/Her?

Believe it or not, pink dolphins are not just a thing that stems from the imagination. I know you all might think that it's crazy to believe a pink dolphin would even exist; but it does! There is a very beautiful pink dolphin that was discovered right in the United States, in the state of Louisiana to be exact. Have you heard of this fascinating creature yet? If not, it would be an honor to share its photos with you!

This dolphin is not of a special species, or a rare subspecies. Instead, it is actually just your standard Bottle Nosed Dolphin. What makes this gorgeous animal so special is that it is an albino. Yup! Apparently, albino dolphins come out as a stunning shade of pink. It's just one of those true but weird facts I guess!

Via Scuba_thib, Flickr
Isn't this baby just adorable? Now, this dolphin was spotted a few years ago originally, and this is an unbelievably cute baby photo of this miraculous dolphin. I would love to see this little guy in person, as you just never see a pink dolphin! It is reported that only 3 albino dolphins have been seen in the last 15 years or so, making him all the more special. He was first spotted in Calcasieu Lake, so perhaps he still lives there!

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