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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Keeping Strong 12 Years Later

It has now been 12 long years since 9-11-2001; but it does not actually feel like it has been that long. Even though I was merely 12 years old when this happened, I understood. I knew just how big of a tragedy it was. I remember sitting in school, as teachers objected to schooling us kids; and rather show us the graphic and gruesome reality that would later be determined a terrorist attack. Yes, parents were outraged; However, I will forever be glad that our teachers stuck to their guns, knowing we should see it. Do you remember exactly where you were, and what you were doing, on this fateful day?

  The tragedy will never fade, nor will I begin to forget. Here is my tribute, and I hope that you guys enjoy this art. The attack symbolizes strength within us Americans, as we come together stronger than ever during times of need. For those of you who are not Americans, we will never forget the encouragement and friendship that such incredible international friends provide; There was an outpouring of love and heartbreak from around the world, showing that faith in humanity has not yet been lost. Naive or not, I hope that one day the majority of people across the world will be able to get along and give this world a little more of what it needs- peace and love!

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