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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sea Eagle Steals Video Camera, Flies Over 60 Miles- Check Out the Footage of an Australian Bird's Eye View!

Sea Eagles are curious creatures, and it makes
sense as to why one stole a camera and took
it on a flight for a bird's eye view in the
Australian wilderness.

In west Australia, a really odd occurrence happened! Rangers decided to place some motion sensing cameras on the Margaret River in order to catch some footage of some nearby crocodiles. However, it did not go as planned when the camera seemingly vanished. This all took place back in May, and it was just the coolest thing when the camera was actually recovered!!!                                                                   

 The camera was finally found just a couple of weeks ago near the Mary River, over 68 miles from the camera's original spot. The Sea Eagle decided it was a great idea to take the camera on a short journey, showing the world what it's really like from a bird's perspective. How amazing would it be to have seen this view with your own eyes???

I thought this was such a cool story, and the Eagle's selfie shot was absolutely adorable. You can see the video below! I love how the Eagle begins to peck at the camera... I wonder if he's thinking about whether or not he should eat it, or if he's thinking about how fascinating the device is! I can only assume there was a shiny reflection in the lens... Maybe that's why he stole it in the first place???

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  1. Hello, I bet the owner of that camera was not to happy, I am wondering how he got his camera back to release this footage. It is quite funny actually to see it pecking at the screen, clearly it thought it had a nice meal. Thanks for sharing


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